Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, hello. Jolly nice of you to stop by. Hobnob?

I'm Fi (or Nora if you prefer) and I own a little crafted gifts business called Nora’s Thoughts and Other Stories. I’m often found creating crafting mess about the place, but it’s ok because it’s for art…see?  I love to grow my own vegetables (well, plant them…forget them…and buy fully grown ones from Tescos), fuss animals (except insects or anything that bites), read books, and drink lots of tea with custard creams and chocolate chip cookies for dunking. And I love to write. More than I love to talk – which is a lot. 

So welcome to my little corner of t’interweb. I promise there will be little of common sense going on here – just tales from the life of a random crafter, sometimes stable hand and routine chocolate hunter.  



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