Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea for two

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in charge of a house will have an insatiable need to fill it.  Which is how I found myself being dragged into Leek (the Stoke on Trent home for all antiques) this week.

Being a civilised sort of shopping companion, I demanded tea and cake shortly after we'd arrived.  Given my ability to find tea and cake anytime anywhere, we quickly stumbled across Spout Coffee Shop on St Edward Street - and what a find!

To be honest, they had me at the tea - supplied by the wonderful Teapig Tea Company  I would happy live off their tea if my budget allowed *debates swapping in her car to pay for her growing Teapig habit* 

Sorry, lost me a bit there. Where were we?  Ahhh, yes... Here's the lovely Loulou from Spout - lady with the tea, coffee and cakes...

To call Spout a coffee shop feels a little off, because truth be told it's so much more.  It's like wandering into your favourite nan's living room knowing that you can curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and a book, because that's what it's there for. 

The shop is divided up into different rooms with an eclectic range of comfy seating, tables made from old doors, and even a chair or two you might recall from your school days.  Every wall has something new to look at, and includes some fantastic artwork.  Ok, I'm going to come right out and say it - I wanted to move in.

We took full advantage (read 'totally abused') the current offer for tea and home made cake for two for £5 and went for two carrot cake cupcakes (no sane person shares carrot cake).  We added a slice of toffee lemon drizzle cake to share, which some might say was greedy but I'm classing as restrained.  Check out the cute little milk bottle!  

If you're in the area and looking for a pit-stop, or a place to meet up with friends, your mother and baby group, or even house your knitting circle, then this is the place for you.  They're insanely kid and dog friendly, have free WIFI (count me in as a returning customer!) and serve food from 11am til 4pm. 

Check out their Facebook page

In fact, just go and visit.  I insist.  No really.  Go on.  I'll wait. 



  1. Sounds fantastic! You're making me want to move to Stoke on Trent now ;)

  2. At least you'll know where to stop in for a treat!

  3. Hey Nora, thanks for your awesome review. We're always having events on at Spout, The next one is a Macmillan charity event called Pin Ups & Petticoats on 2nd June, tickets are £5.
    Pop and see us again soon :)

  4. Ta for that *plots next visit* ;)