Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The one where I am not a Domestic Goddess

Today is mostly about digging the house out of the state I created over the Bank Holiday weekend.  Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure how this happens every time.  I had a friend staying this weekend, which meant I tidied as I went - but I swear, as soon as her car left the driveway, the house did its 'Fat Sam's' impression...you know, from Bugsy Malone...where the tables come down from the ceiling to avoid police attention...you don't?  Oh, ok... *moves swiftly on* 

The first round of washing is on - which in itself is rather brave as the hose is leaking again (it's the third hose - time to upgrade the job from DIY to HELPME).  The bins are out (how does one person, who recycles and everything, still regularly fill up a large kitchen bin?  Does rubbish breed? Should I be separating the boy and girl rubbish?), and even the windows have been thrown open - apparently to let some air in, suggesting my house is vacuum-packed...which it isn't....not really...

Of course, the house does suffer from being lived in by a crafter.  If you craft, or you live with one, then you'll know the signs - random knitting needles left laying around in case there's a knitting emergency; pins and needles waiting to be found by bare feet, a fine layer of felt dust lining all surfaces.  And then there's the crafting accessories - the cold cup of tea, the chocolate and the biscuits, three pairs of scissors (yes, I do need them all) and two tape measures (one looks like a panda...'nuff said).

In an effort to stay on top of this domesticity business, I have pretty baskets to put my projects in and those hessian bags for life are a God-send.  Everything goes into boxes, or neat piles around the place.  Even the stuff for charity has been carefully packed into two large and tidy bags.  But I can't quite escape the feeling that it's all waiting like a coiled spring, ready to ride forth and spread across the house at a moment's notice....


  1. hello petal, thought of you today when I put some fresh flowers in the vase you made! Keep on crafting, Kristen (love from sunny Morecambe!)

  2. Lovely to hear from you - and the vase! xx