Friday, July 26, 2013

The housey wish list (part 1)

Though I love my little rented house, it’s fair to say that its style peaked in the 1980s and it’s so tired you wouldn’t want it driving. 

Because the house is a rental, I’ve been having great fun using my charity shop ferreting skills and general crafting to hide the worst offenders (the subject of my next post).  As I’m saving my pennies for my own home, I’ve also become quite obsessed with making plans and lists to ensure it’s the most wonderful place on Earth. 
And here’s where it’s all Kirstie Allsopp’s fault again.... 

If you saw her Vintage Home series, you may remember Ellie and Nick Harrington and their country kitchen.  To say I fell in love with their revamped kitchen is a gross understatement.  For a while there, I’m sure I wrote bad poetry and drew dodgy pictures of it with love hearts all around…

Kirstie Allsopp's  lino-cut blind using Duck Egg Designs pattern
Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs
So you can imagine my shiny delight when I discovered that Ellie Harrington is also the force behind Duck Egg Designs – one of the companies which played a major part in revamping not just the Harrington’s kitchen, but also their gorgeous dining room. 

Image courtesy of Kirstie's Vintage Home (copyright RTRP Ltd). 
And yes, it is a big picture - but just look at the sheer yumminess of it!!
As I skipped through the Duck Egg Designs website, my cup of tea grew cold and my chocolate remained untouched.  I was in love all over again.  Their love of pretty yet functional things mirrored my own; they understood the value of a soft colour pallet; and appreciated that a house is not a home without a Norfolk crab…
Between you and I, my Duck Egg Designs wish list (such a handy feature of the website) is roughly equal to the size of their product list.  However, in the hope that my loved ones might be reading this, I’ve whittled the list down to my five ‘must haves’ (well, four-ish and a table) and…well…Christmas is only five months away… ;)

1. No home is complete without a pet, and a reminder of summer holidays in (at least for me) Norfolk.  Clearly I simply must have this cushion in both their Norfolk Crab fabric (£38)....

Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs

And their Classic Duck Egg Print (£38)...

Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs
Since they're both cushions, I'm counting them as one choice - and truth be told, I'd be very happy with any of their fabric designs - but why wouldn't you want crabs and ducks on your cushions?

2. Reclaimed Victorian Table (£450) - because I want a table you can eat at, even when one end is taken over by the sewing machine (or the ironing pile)....

Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs

3. 1930 's Enamel Jug (£24) - if you've got the perfect table, then you simply must have a 1930's enamel jug to plop down in the centre of it with an enormous bunch of freshly picked's the law...honest.... This jug is actually currently out of stock (though they do have other lovely ones)...but I figure I still have some saving to do so I can wait.

Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs
4. Vintage Wooden Wine Box (12 Bottle Box) (£15.99). Oh, my giddy aunt - I shall need dozens of these all around my forever home.  Some to hold books, some for my greenhouse, some to hold fabric and yarn in the craft room and maybe the odd one or two (radical design concept here) to actually hold wine...
Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs
5. Winston Churchill Poster (£14).  "Never, Never Give Up" - now that's a motto to live by, especially if I ever want my own home.  Of course, I'm also applying it to my chocolate habit....

Winston Churchill Poster
Image courtesy of Duck Egg Designs
And that's just what I want - you just wait for my post on Christmas present ideas later in the year, because I know at least one little boy who would simply love a Tractor Time print for his bedroom wall....

Tractor Time Poster
Tractor Time Print (£14.00) - image Courtesy of Duck Egg Designs

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Christmas list to be writing and I think I left some chocolate untouched somewhere around here...


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