Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's a bit dusty around here...

Hello! *brushes cobwebs aside* Erm... have you gone a little grey, or.... *sneezes*'s dust... *avoids making eye contact* *shuffles feet*

Clearly I've been neglecting you all something awful - we've got loads to catch up on, and some posts I promised last summer.  Well, I promise I'll get to it all. 

In the meantime, how are you? Have you been getting enough biscuits?  Are you staying warm and as dry as possible?

How was Christmas?  Mine was lovely, thank you for asking.  I spent the event itself with my Dad in Norfolk - who showed just how high on the 'best Dads of all time' list he appears by starting Christmas day with tea and cookies:-

Chocolate chip cookies for brekkie!
 Followed by a walk along the beach at Great Yarmouth -

 yes, the sky really was that lucky were we?!

See, I really was there.....

After a fab Christmas dinner, we retired to the sofa for films and pudding... *happy sigh*  Day two was more presents, and beach walks and lots of lovely company - *double happy sigh*

It's quite unusual for me to have so much time off over Christmas, so in amongst my travels  I decided to teach myself a new craft - watercolour painting.  Which led to prezzies for friend's sproglets...

Although the kid's name was Fred, Nora liked the way 'Katie' looked... ;)
Having enjoyed a lovely time in Norfolk, I then nipped over to Essex to catch up with my lovely mum, big sister and ever-growing niece (now officially much taller than me...and fabulous in her alligator onesie... with tail and teeth included!).  Minutes after I arrived at mum's, I was put to work by mum's dog - fussing detail is no joke to a rescue dog! 
I got to do Christmas all over again (yay!), with my sister being a love and cooking us a seriously tasty Christmas dinner - all round to hers again next year, I say! 
I also got to catch up with old friends that I haven't seen in bloomin' ages (that's right, I'm an Essex girl by upbringing - judge that as you will *nips off to dance around handbag*).  Great times, lots of laughs and much gossiping was done in the space of just a few hours.
Unfortunately, all that travelling and talking (and fun) caught up with me just in time for New Year when I was felled by the lurgey (tonsillitis) which was followed by the silent lurgey (laryngitis).  Not only did I have to suffer losing my voice (oh the humanity), but the only way to get it back was to hibernate and avoid speaking - neither of which is a natural state for me!
But eventually I rallied, and escaped my house for a coffee...well, a hot chocolate...well, a hot chocolate and cake....  
First meal after my escape....

And that's really brought you all up to date with my life.  How's it been with you?


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