About Nora

The face of Nora actually belongs to a lady called Fi Pembroke (as does the body, arms and legs. Nora's bum belongs to someone else...someone who eats a lot...). Of course, if you've ever seen Fi with her hair in rollers, her knitting needles at the ready, and her wrinkly tights, you'd know why we call her Nora*.

For most of her adult life, Fi has worked for the UK Civil Service - but recently there came a time when she couldn't do that any more. Rather than get all sniffly about it, Fi decided to make good on a long term dream to set up her own blog and shop - a place which made people smile and want to join in (and buy stuff).

Fi's first love is glass painting, but she also plays with clay and knits (which is a little more 'mobile' as crafts go).  She's been thinking for a while about all the fab things you can do with buttons (real buttons that is....she's already well versed in the only appropriate thing to do with a chocolate button thankyouverymuch).

Thinking about it, Fi is a bit of a crafting magpie - happily turning her hand to most things (with results ranging from 'almost identifiable' through to 'scrap heap immediately').  Though she doesn't do origami (she always ends up writing notes to herself on the paper), or paint by numbers (she thinks it's bad for your confidence levels to let a canvas order you around).

Anyway, two of the loveliest things about Nora's life is her circle of friends and her family...many of whom are bright sparks and clever crafters. 

*If you don't know who Nora Batty is, then we think you might be rather young. In which case you probably know how to google for an image, and that reference will suddenly make sense. No stereotyping young people around here...nosireebob.

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